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Paxos - Our Island

If heaven was a place on earth, then that place would be Paxos Island. Away from the bustling masses of other, more touristic Greek islands, Paxos is a destination for those seeking harmony and tranquility together with an easygoing day-to-day and stunning seaside sceneries. This small island of the Ionian Sea is full of olive and pine trees, secluded beaches, breathtaking underwater caves and postcard-worthy sceneries. Live the experience of the colorful pebbled shores, dramatic white cliffs, verdant groves and crystalline azure waters; thousands of colours, and then, a thousand more as the sun begins to set, transforming everything with its last fiery rays.


The captivating history of Paxos Island

An ancient Greek legend claims that Poseidon, the god of the sea, severed with his trident a piece of the island of Corfu, to make a secluded haven for him and his love, Amphitrite. That clipping of an island was Paxos, and the inspiration for this myth is obvious up to this day; Paxos is simply breath taking! Its history is rich and colourful; from ancient times, Paxos and the rest of the Ionian isles have been under the rule of several conquerors. Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, French, Russians, Turks, Italian and Germans, they all left their small mark on the island, shaping its character into this colourful esprit of its few – but joyful – habitants. It has even shaped its culinary traditions, resulting in a fusion of cuisines, mainly Greek and Italian that is truly delicious and inspiring! The islands history is depicted in its buildings; charming chapels and quaint churches from several centuries past, traditional mansions and scenic cobblestone alleys, they showcase the rich heritage of Paxos. You can admire remains of the island’s past in the Paxi Museum, the Venetian fortress of Agios Nikolaos and the English Governor’s House, in the architectural style reminiscent of its Venetian era and the picturesque alleys of Gaios, Lakka and Logos.

How To Reach Us

As Paxos Island doesn’t have an airport, it is only reachable by sea. You can reach the Gaios port of Paxos by ferries, hydrofoils, catamarans and hydroplanes from the port of Corfu, which in turn has frequent connections to Igoumenitsa and Patras ports of Greece, as well as several ports of Italy such as Bari and Ancona. You can also reach Corfu by air; during the summer, direct flights from most major European cities are widely available, and domestic flights from Athens and Thessaloniki are conducted throughout the year. If you are travelling by car, Egnatia highway (E90) will bring you swiftly to the port of Igoumenitsa from any part of northern Greece, whereas coming from the south, you could opt for the Ionian highway (E55). There are several other, more private options for travelling to Paxos; chartering a skippered yacht or a helicopter are amongst the most popular options. For any additional information on reaching the island of Paxos, please don’t hesitate to contact the people of Paxos Luxury Villas; we would be delighted to facilitate your journey in any way!