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Paxos, the smallest of the Heptanese islands is situated just nine miles off the southern most tip of Corfu and ten miles from mainland Greece. Its unique geographical position has lent itself historically to a plethora of cultural influences over the centuries, ranging from Byzantine to Venetian to British. In terms of recent history it is because of its size and location that it does not have mass tourism that flock to neighbouring islands; due to the fact that Paxos has no airport on the island, the nearest airport is a boat ride away on Corfu.  Though Paxos is a popular destination on international and European travel markets, it still manages to maintain an off-the-map feel, secluded and full of charm.
Three main villages populate the island: Lakka at the north, Loggos mid centre, and Gaios, the main hub of Paxos. Each one of these villages are coastal on the east side of the island and are typified by colourful fishing boats that rest in their harbours.The roads and pathways that connect these three villages are dotted with hamlets and small communities, each with their own local church.The total population of Paxos is about 2600.These locals are characteristically self-sufficient and many households keep livestock, produce their own wine, build their own houses and manage small business with a commendable energy and diligence.
The dramatic limestone cliffs of the west coast drop away onto bleached white shingle beaches, huge caves, blue grottoes and offer stunning views from the top. One highly recommendable activity is hiring a boat to take a trip around the island, taking in these sights.
Despite its size (a mere seven by three miles) a great deal of intrigue and beauty is packed onto this tiny island. The olive groves that blanket the island contrast sublimely with the clear Ionian sea. A walkers’ paradise during the spring, the island is woven with a network of mule tracks and pathways, often leading towards astounding views.  Spring often holds a wealth of interesting flora and fauna and evening are illuminated with fireflies as they emerge at dusk. The waters that surround the island are just as fascinating. The clarity of the Ionian seamakes it a perfect location for snorkelling, an excellent pursuit for families. Within the Ionian Paxos is famous for its variety of beautiful bays, the most secluded accessible only by boat and local knowledge. These certainly must not be missed.
A mile south lies Antipaxos. This very tiny island is inhabited by three permanent residents, has no local shops and is mostly used as a vineyard for local Paxiots. It is home to two main tourist beaches that are a must to anyone in the area. Both idyllic with their turquoise waters they offer a heavenly place to visit. Tavernas perch just behind the beaches and offer a lively lunchtime trade to anyone peckish.
If you are in search of beauty, serenity, a charming and charismatic location that maintains its own unique sense of individuality, then look no further than Paxos.
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