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Cultural Wonders at the Paxos Folk Museum
At the harbor of Gaios, there is the emblematic Paxos Folk Museum. This is a place where history meets contemporary life and every traveler should visit it, in order to get a look at what life used to be like on the island in the past. Folk history is pretty dense here, with the locals recalling a lot of customs and traditions – many of which are still alive in the memories of every Paxiot. If you truly want to discover the beauty of a place, look back on its history and get stunned by its former glory, feeling nostalgic about what is not there now and hoping for an even more picturesque future. 

When you visit the Folk Museum in Paxos, you will realize that it is housed at the Junior School of Gaios, dating back in 1906. In the exterior, there are some old olive pressing devices and equipment that worked in olive oil making. Since this is an activity that meant a lot to the locals, those devices are part of history. Fossils and pottery are among the exhibits that you can admire at the interior of the museum, depicting the journey of time in Paxos. You will see the influences of the British and the Venetians on the island, through a collection of tools and utensils found over time. Apart from that, you will be able to fully comprehend how the locals lived in the past via the demonstration of several rooms. These rooms include all the things that the Paxiots used in their daily life, for cooking and preserving food to crafting and knitting.
This visit of yours to the Folk Museum will offer you the chance to know Paxos all over again and love it even more intensely!
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