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The Ionian Sea and Its Magnificent Past
The Ionian Sea is situated at the south part of Adriatic Sea and is located in the region of the Mediterranean. If you take a look at a map, you will realize that there are several islands and smaller islets scattered throughout Greece that are covered by the Ionian. Among the most distinctive islands of the Ionian, we can find Corfu and Lefkada, Zakynthos (Zante) and Kefalonia, Ithaca and of course Paxos and Antipaxos. The waters are cool, transparent and they are crystal clear. They add to the marvelous coastlines of the Ionian Islands, which have always been considered the optimal places for swimmers and fans of water sports.
If we take a step back in History, the name of the Ionian Sea (although it remains a mystery up till now) must have been given by Io. Io was a priestess of Goddess Hera in Argos and she was seduced by God of the Gods, Zeus. When Hera found out, she wanted to get revenge and end the life of Io. Zeus was forced to transform Io into a cow (or a heifer, to be more specific). As Hera did not give up, she sent flies to annoy the heifer and this is why Io tried to escape the ordeal and started running across the Ionian Sea. Thanks to this myth, the Ionian has been named and Io is always remembered for what she had been through.
Even though the historians do not all agree regarding the origin of the name, the Ionian Sea is an enchanting place where you can swim, explore the sea bed and relax, gazing at the horizon and admiring the fabulous sunset and sunrise every single day!
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