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The Magic of Olive Oil and Its Great History in Paxos
Olives are found all over the island of Paxos and there is rich history for the locals to tell as to how the olive trees began flourishing on the island. With the Venetians that have ruled the Ionian Islands for decades, the olive tree had been introduced to the locals as a commodity of great value. So, the cultivation started and the fruit gave food and income to the Paxiots ever since the early days. Nowadays, the traditional harvest and pressing of the olives has been maintained in the form of a tribute to the past. If you visit the island from early November to February, you will see the locals harvesting the olive trees; the elderly use their hands or sticks to collect each and every single olive from the trees, while the ripe fruit falls right on the cloth that had been placed on the ground.

After the harvest, the collection of olives is completed at the oil press. There are olives that will be used as food, while others will be pressed for the making of the rich golden liquid that tastes uniquely and that is for many the elixir of wellness. At last, olive oil is bottled and is ready for consumption. You will realize just how remarkable the local olive oil once you have tasted it in the Greek salad; with the first bite, you will feel its purity and its distinctive flavours overwhelming your palate. It is magic and you will find yourself dipping the exquisite bread that has just been baked in the olive oil over and over again!
It is worth buying some Paxiot olive oil for bringing back home with you, as a memoir of the superb nature on the island and the wonders that it offers to those who visit Paxos!
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